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Bookaholics - A Breed Apart !


Neel was at a huge mall strolling, with his at-present girlfriend Ghazal, trying to choose a present for his birthday! While Ghazal went from one trendiest men’s store to another in terms of shoes, jerseys, glares, etc. Nothing appealed to Neel, he was as lost as ever!

On the 3 rd floor of the mall, while browsing such a multibrand store, he stumbled upon the Books section! For a minute Ghazal thought he got a seizure or something! Neel just leaped with joy! It was like a child who had got his Christmas gift before Christmas! Why though? Because Neel is a compulsive voracious reader. Having said that, it’s not that he doesn’t have an interest in the other objects for men…. But books are very game altogether! In an era when men are more into virtual games and entertainment, Neel is still what we call ‘old-fashioned’

Neel is a bookaholic!

Bookaholic – decode the meaning:

Rhetorically speaking, Bookaholics are a special species of homo sapiens across all races and countries who find their solace, happiness, and extreme joy in books; in other words, books are their paradise. The whole world on one side and their own world of fiction or philosophy; romance or thriller – is on the other!

So what makes a reader a Bookaholic?

It’s a very common question. I am also a reader, then why are you not calling me a bookaholic? It’s very simple! Some read for learning, some read for exploring, some read for passion, some as a hobby, and some as a burden! But a bookaholic…… he cannot survive without books! For him, books are the elixir of life! Not only does he love reading…. But he loves a book by sight, by smell, by print – just staying in their presence gives him a thrill! Just like alcoholics are addicted to alcohol…… bookaholics are addicted to books!

So what makes the Bookaholics addicted to books?

Bookaholics basically have a passion not just for the book but for the story, plot, characters….. How? Now, when a normal reader reads a book….. First, he buys the book and gets it from the shop and just keeps it!

Traits of a bookaholic!

A bookaholic reads the prologue…. the epilogue and then the summary…… then he ruffles the book, lets the scent of the freshly printed pages settle on him, and then when he has gotten the goosebumps…. He goes and gets it billed. If it’s a part of the series, a bookaholic is ready to compromise on his other expenses, but he will definitely buy the full series. For a bookaholic… books are an investment! It’s his pride! Just like stamp collectors collect stamps and take huge pride in their collection…. Similarly, a bookaholic takes immense pride and satisfaction in his collection of books! As per a general survey for reading, Bookaholics, generally hate audiobooks or e-books… not because they are not tech-savvy. But because they miss the art of actually holding the book and feeling it!

Bookaholics -One of its kind!

For bookaholics, the story between the prologue and epilogue is not just a tale….. it’s an adventure! Just like for movie buffs popcorn and pizza are the accessories which make movies an enjoyable experience for them, similarly, for bookaholics, all they need is a space …. Their personal space; the book and peace! Some use music also to find their peace…..as per their need! Once a bookaholic starts reading…. It’s not a matter of minutes or hours….. He will get up only when he has finished the adventure a.k.a the story!

What really sets bookaholics apart is the fact that after reading, he still stays lost in the story–

Either contemplating his life as one of the characters or imagining how it would be different! Another unique feature about bookaholics is, although all readers let their imaginations run wild, the bookaholics, become the characters and try to find their story in the one that they are reading – they retrospect and reflect; introspect and act on it! As nerdy as it sounds, but the weirdest thing about a bookaholic is that he will never buy a second-hand book or sell his own copy – he finds it very disrespectful towards the story and its creator! The connection between the reader and his book is an ethereal one!

The Ying and Yang of Bookaholics!

While some bookaholics take to books positively some take to it negatively as well! This is a very serious disadvantage! Some become so addicted to reading and the stories; that they think and try to impersonate the characters of the stories in their daily lives. They develop alter egos and lose the difference between reality and the fictional story! This leads to some serious psychological damages, and influences crimes as well, at times! As far as kids are concerned, when they become bookaholics at such a tender age, they try to behave like the characters they read…..Now for them, Spiderman can jump from one building to another! But in reality, it is not possible! And an attempt to do so might prove fatal! Some youth read about hardcore fictional murder mysteries and try to incorporate the same in their own lives and become sociopaths. They say loners are bookaholics…..! Not all are born lonely! Some have loneliness thrust on them. Some people are born as a single child into families which have a lot of disturbed and strangled relations, then there are issues like over expectations from parents, peer pressure, extremely high expectations from parents and relatives….. Which pushes them towards being and staying alone!

That’s when they find their peaceful refuge in books!


Bookaholics find their story in every story! Not only do they love the plot, but they love the whole aura of the book. The book is a playground for their emotions….. They smile, infuriate, and cry in the story! The plot of the story becomes the reality of their lives! Sometimes they shape their lives and their decisions as per the characters and stories they read and relate with! I am one of them! So to all my fellow bookaholics……Read and enjoy what you read thoroughly! But Instead of using reading negatively, use it as positively as possible!

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Books vs Google !!!


Today while I was dusting the bookshelves I found the moth-eaten remains of a few pages from the BRITANNICA dated 3 decades ago. I stood and went back to THAT era till my maid nudged me with the broom and jolted me out of my reverence. Once I finished the household chores, I sat down with the tattered Britannica to paste the pages back into it!

I am a 30 plus lady of today, so around 2 decades back when I was in school, studying, I had to make projects for her school assessment.

Was it different?

Yes …. Very!

So what was so different?

The fact that in those days google was not a feature in every home! In fact, a desktop computer was a thing of fashion! So how did I study? Books! Yes. Books came to the rescue

Books: The Paradise for Readers

Till 1999 things were very different! Kids used to be immersed in books 24x7. Not because they were bookworms, but because the only source of knowledge was either books or applied knowledge from the books. As much as this method might sound outdated and boring today, but in those times, this was the only way of learning! Yes, there wasn’t technology or digitization, but the best part was, the imaginations could run wild! The books of those times –The Famous Five, Secret seven, etc, were in vogue! To us, books opened the world which we could never have in reality! It took us to a different land or helped us to transform into different characters.

The Transition from Books to Google

Today what we come across as a digital library used to be an actual library, with chairs where one could be seated for hours and remain lost in the pool of knowledge or a story of his choice! Nowadays we have digital platforms like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc, where we can choose, change, shape, or enhance our surroundings virtually. No matter how cool it looks, but it leaves very little scope for the imagination! With the turn of the millennium, computers and technology became very progressive. Suddenly, there was something new called the World Wide Web, Internet, and Google! While the internet was the first one to make its entry in 1983, the next came the World Wide Web is in 1989 and finally came to Google in 1998. As googly as It looked…. It changed the whole world! It literally took over all platforms in every sphere of life! In 10years, by 2010, we could not imagine a life without the internet anymore. Publications across the world suffered a huge setback as suddenly the digital books replaced the actual books. Suddenly we were reading on Kindle and listening to audiobooks.

So what’s the difference you may ask;

Now, first of all, both are very different as platforms! Books are on a particular topic or person or place or trait etc.! It objectifies the subject! So you can get the knowledge of one particular domain at one particular time in a book. Google is a search engine! So you can know about anything and everything on the platform. So it is like the modern-day Encyclopaedia.

Vedas – The Indianised Google

Specifically in India, we have ledgers of knowledge in the form of Vedas! The ultimate source of knowledge…… which provides quite a challenge to Google. Today for a simple home remedy for diabetes, we google it! But, if we refer to the Vedas, we will find the same remedy over there! But the point is…. Who will do the searching…. The more important question is…. Where is the TIME to do that searching?

Advantages of Google

So the major advantage that Google has over books is that it is FAST and less time-consuming! Secondly, it has information on everything from everywhere anytime! So does that lower the value of books?


What gives books an edge?

Books have a very special place. At least for the earlier generations! For some, like me, having a good collection of books is a matter of pride! That smell of the new print, that feel of the crisp new pages……..Google can never replace that! The signed first edition by the authors…… is a huge sense of accomplishment in itself! Books motivate the readers to think, reflect on learning the art of communication with a good vocabulary. With Google, it has handicapped the word building spoken skills very adversely. Although a whole lot of activities are available online today, the fun of making a model for a project, individually or in a group is beyond compare! War of Books vs. Google The argument between books vs. Google can never be settled because it is primarily focused on perspective, which is again based on an individual’s exposure! Today’s generation will never know the value or relevance of books…..so much because they are born and growing up in such an age where they have quick, and accurate technology of Google at their fingertips! On the other hand, the generation of yesteryear will never be comfortable with the technology, because, for them, it’s not authentic; a book is more appealing!


To say that Google’s information is always right or wrong is not right! After all, it is a search engine that searches to the best of the ability… but the source form which it is picking up the result if they are not authentic then can we blame Google? Even books or newspapers sometimes publish things by mistake… and then print a retraction! So the slightest of doubt will always remain whether it’s a book or even if it's Google!

Hence we can conclude by saying that, in the battle of books vs. google, there is no one superior to the other. Both have their own armies of benefits and their own small colonies of flaws! It’s a draw! Happy Reading Guys….. books or on Google…..! ;)

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One Arranged Murder - Book Review By Manpreet Kaur

One Arranged Murder - Book Review By Manpreet Kaur

About The Author:

This book is written by Indian author Chetan Bhagat who is considered as one of the most influential persons by ‘Time Magazine’. According to the ‘New York Times’ Bhagat was referred to as the biggest-selling  English-language novelist ever in India. Previously he had written nine fiction novels and three non-fiction books. Apart from this, he is also a motivational speaker and scriptwriter also.

Story Line:

It’s a story about two best friends, named Keshav and Saurabh they are not only best friends but also a flatmate, colleague and business partner also. It is said that this book is the sequel to “The Girl in Room 105” Because the name of both characters is the same in both books. However, it is not mandatory to read “ The Girl in Room 105” to decipher the story of “One Arranged Murder”. But nowadays both friends are not on talking terms because of Keshav’s bad habit of fat-shaming Saurabh’s love, Prerna. Prerna is Kehav’s fiancée, and Saurabh always finds an opportunity to make fun of Prerna`s weight. Both Prerna and Saurabh are a lovey-dovey couple. One day on the occasion of Karvachauth, Prerna decides to fast for Saurabh and she remains hungry and thirsty that day. It was decided by both that they would meet at the terrace to break Prerna’s fast, but surprisingly when Saurabh reach their ………………………….. from here the story of “One arranged murder started.

Who should read this novel?

If you are a beginner and want to develop a habit of reading books then this book is perfect, furthermore, this book would also help to develop your linguistic skills.

Let’s move to the Writing Style:

This book is packed with lots of drama, adventure, romance, friendship, and mystery also all these ingredients of this books has made it masala drama. But as per my perspective emotions of Saurabh had not expressed clearly by the writer. The language which is used by the writer is simple and it is more similar to the script of the movie.

Good Things About This Book:

In this book, the author had shed a light on various prevailing issues such as an extravagant wedding, even if Indian people don’t have then would like to spend insane money on marriage ceremonies. Secondly, How people define the word dowry? Some say that it is against their principles; while others say that it is their blessings. Thirdly people are more concerned about family honor rather than justice. Its is pocket friendly you can purchase online at just rupees 149/-

Bad Things About Chetan Bhagat’s Novel:

In the whole book, the author was cracking several jokes on Prerna and Saurabh –by addressing them Cow, fat, and so forth. Which is not a cool-just cracking joke on fatness is not super cool. Grammar mistakes can easily found in this book. It seems that most of the books which are written by Chetan bhagat are made for Bollywood because it is written more like dialogues and Bollywood, nowadays making movies based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel.


To encapsulate, this novel is decent to read because it`s fast, emotional, and entertaining at the same time. It is not the best one but, yes it is an entertaining one. If you are Chetan Bhagat’s fan then you should read this book otherwise skip it or if you just have started reading novels you should certainly pick up this book.

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As a bibliophile, we want to collect as many books as we want. Some people purchase textbooks to crack the exams; while others just want to enhance their knowledge or enrich their linguistic skills. Although some people are reading ‘E-books’ nowadays, still there are some readers who love to read paperback books and everyone knows that to read or purchase books one needs to spend some money, sometimes too little and sometimes too much.

Money sometimes acts as one of the major hurdles on the way of voracious readers. So, buying second-hand books is obviously a good option as you can buy these at much cheaper rates. But don’t worry now there are a plethora of websites that offer the best-preowned books at a very low cost. So if you’re looking for the best websites to acquire previously owned books online – that celebrates and encourages the culture of reading and to give people a convenient, user-friendly, and secure shopping experience you have come to the right place.

1) BookOurBooks: This Bihar-based website offers a huge collection of second-hand books online and they have their service all over India. This website encourages the notion of purchasing and selling pre-owned books directly for the sellers. Book lovers can get all the genres under one roof. Moreover, if any book shop wants to consult for business or enlist them as a premium seller just contact them. Bookourbooks.com is accessible to everyone either you are a student, mentor, or bookworm. Apart from these students who want to sell their books can also approach them through their website. If you need any book or want to enhance your business just check their website www.bookourbooks.com

2) Pustakkosh: It’s an e-commerce platform that not only sells old books but also gives books on rent that too at low cost and good quality. Learners, tutors, and avid readers can check this website to read books related to different subjects. Furthermore, this website also provides e-notes to students. So students don’t late just check their website www.pustakkosh.com

3) BooksbyKilo: This website runs both online as well as offline stores in new Mumbai and claims that they sell books on the basis of quantity, not by printed cost, and also guarantee that all their books are old but readable and are in good condition. The cost of the book starts with Rs. 50/- and paperbacks are available for primary and secondary school students, furthermore, books are even available for booklover who want to read books on different genres.

4) AllBooksOnline: This online platform allows readers to own, sell, or exchange books. There is a myriad range of books that are featured on this site –such as; textbooks, magazines related to lifestyle, health & fitness. For readers who love to read fiction books, it offers a wide range of novels and also nonfiction books, for example- life story, art and craft, and so forth.

5) Quikr: It's an Indian classified ad platform, where one can post their ads to sell their products to potential customers, and buyers can also purchase old books. This app also allows their user to bargain for the price. One can easily found old journals, General knowledge books, and many other textbooks.

6) Original Exchange: It is known as Olx and its headquarters is in Amsterdam. This website is also very famous among those people who love to have possession of preowned books. Because they can both sell and purchase their books of every subject through this platform.

7) Bookyaari: If you are searching for informative books at a fair price then should check out the website. A variety of books of all segments are available on this site, apart from it, this website also offers discount offers to their customer. So, don’t be late just check this site.

8) Savebooks: The main objective of this online store is to save the environment. This online bookstore is encouraging readers to read and donate second-hand books at a very minimum price- that too near to your workplace, educational institute, or home.

9) BuySecondHandbook: Different categories of books, for example; fiction, action, adult, comics, and culture can be found on this site. The cost price of books in this place is too much less; even that you can get a book for Rs. 39/-  On top of that; this Gurugram-based website also offers its customers additional discount coupons.

10) BuyUsedBooks: This online store is known for rare and used books and even out–of–print books from across the globe. This site has books for almost every age and again doesn’t worry about the price; readers can get books at a very cheap rate.

11) BetterWorldBooks: It’s a US-based Website which offers a wide range of pre-used and brand new books. If you are a mother and looking for books for your offspring for their mental development or want to learn cooking, art & craft, or even want to learn about blogging or online marketing then this website is the best place to purchase the paperback. This site has something for everyone.

As the cliché goes - “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them”.

There are multifarious benefits of reading, research conducted by many revealed that reading improves brain connectivity also helps to reduce stress.

So now what are you waiting for??  We have provided you with the information that how can you enhance your knowledge without spending too many bucks on books, now no one will stop you to pursue your passion.

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Role of Ayurveda in Pet Care.


During ancient times, the great sages of Ayurveda knew the importance of healthy animals and birds too. At that time, medical science was divided into three main categories- Ayurveda (for the health of mankind), Pashu Ayurveda (for animal welfare) and Vriksha Ayurveda (for plant health). Ayurvedic herbs and treatments have been in use for thousands of years for maintaining the health of animals.

Medicinal herbs contain a variety of pharmacologically active ingredients and each herb has its own unique properties.


Herbs useful for animals are:

1. Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia): Giloy is widely used in various Ayurvedic formulations. It protects the animals from various infections as it is immune-modulatory in nature. Being an anti-endotoxic, it stimulates phagocytosis and useful in immuno-compromised conditions. Guduchi is a wonderful herb for the treatment of fever and inflammation in dogs and cats.

2. Ginger (Zingiber officinale): Ginger is considered as a gastro-intestinal tract in Ayurveda. It provides relief in various digestive disorders like Dyspepsia, Flatulence, Indigestion etc. Ginger restores the disturbed ruminal motility in animals and also stabilises the ruminal pH.  It also stimulates the production of saliva and induces the growth of the ruminal microbial population.

3. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): Ashwagandha is a unique herb known for its adaptogenic and anti-stress properties. The use of ashwagandha for cats and dogs helps in increasing their physiological endurance. It also helps with behaviour problems in animals such as restlessness, hyperexcitability, aggression etc. Ashwagandha also acts as an anti-oxidant and accelerates cellular regeneration and repair.

4. Jambira (Citrus limon): To protect the pets from bad odour, natural herb Jambira is of great use. It helps the pet to smell great. It is a natural way to have a clean, cool and citrusy animal coat as it helps the pets to remain free from bad odour and insects. Jambira is very useful for pets especially puppies up to 2 months of age.

5. Neem (Azadirachta indica): Neem is useful for pets as it relieves itching and irritation. It also fights against bacterial and fungal infections of the skin. Water boiled in neem leaves is also very effective for the treatment of skin infections in animals. Neem water helps in removing dirt and dust from the skin and improves overall skin hygiene. Neem leaves also provide relief in dandruff on the pet’s skin and hair coat. Other skin conditions such as pyoderma and pruritus are also effectively treated with neem in animals.

6. Mukta Shukti: Mukta Shukti is a natural source of calcium and phosphorus which is derived from oyster shell. This compound ensures the formation of strong bones in animals. Mukta Shukti is useful for optimal bone development in puppies and as adjuvant therapy for rickets and for the formation of strong teeth and bones in adult cats and dogs. Phosphorus plays a major role in synthesising proteins in the body.

7. Kasani (Cichorium intybus): Kasani is commonly known as Chicory. It is a natural appetite stimulant which increases appetite in pets. This herb is highly useful for the treatment of enlarged liver and protects against the liver damage by regenerating liver cells. It is beneficial in jaundice and ascites in animals. This herb can be used as an adjuvant in the treatment of canine and feline viral hepatitis and parvovirus infection as well.

8. Ajamoda (Apium graveolens): Ajamoda commonly known as celery is a herb which corrects digestive disturbances associated with bloating. Ajamoda cleanses urinary bladder, relieves bladder pain, improves strength and useful Worm infestation, Vomiting, Hiccups, Anorexia i.e. lack of interest in food. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory activity and reduces oedema.

These herbs for veterinary use can be given or prepared in a number of ways:

• Fresh herbs can be chopped and mixed with food as it is the ideal way to give herbs when they are available.

• Dried herbs can be administered by adding them to food.

• Decoctions or infusions can be prepared by adding hot water for external or internal use.

• The oil infusions of herbs can be applied on sore joints.

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