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How to Revive Business After Covid Pandemic?


How To Revive Business After Covid Pandemic?

✓ A great business is that, which runs with not just hard work, but with smart brains!

✓ And a Good Business keeps growing even in trying times!

There is no denying the fact that the world is a changed place after the Covid pandemic situation. Although it was anticipated, that we can lead our lives normally by the end of 2020, however, it did not leave us, and even today as in May 2021, we are still amidst a global crisis with lockdowns and curfews everywhere.

In every economy and market, business gets affected the most and consequently affects the livelihoods of millions of people. With the adverse effects like recession, layoffs, and pay cuts, life is miserable indeed!

The Woes of a Business Owner:

So the basic question for a business owner is-

• How do I revive my business after such a huge impact due to no fault of mine?

• After all neither did I cause, nor did I spread the virus????

It’s a downright punishment for the businessmen in these trying times.

But, the best part is, as humans we can think inspect and rationalize!

Yes, the Covid and the pandemic have affected us all! But it has not and it will not defeat us until we allow it to defeat us!

How to revive business after the Covid pandemic situation?

The best thing about the pandemic is that it has taught us not only the importance but also the completeness of technology! It has digitized us to such an extent that today, even kids are fully aware of the applications along with its backbone - the internet and AI technology!

Solutions for Revival of Business post-Covid Pandemic:

Digital Marketing – The most ideal Solution

Five years back the concept of digital marketing was not known to many; since it was in its growing phase – business was more profound in person than digital. But thanks to the pandemic, now every business owner can have the business not only recognized but also generate revenue through digital marketing. Regeneration of revenue is the main target in this post-pandemic situation and a challenge in itself!

What makes digital marketing ideal for the revival of business post the pandemic is, that it provides a business-to-customer direct link – hassle-free! Believe it or not, the pandemic has made the customer tech-savvy – whether a 6-year-old or a 60-year-old – everyone is aware of the internet and the brands on it!

Another major benefit is the fact that through digital marketing, the business gets online recognition and a brand establishment through its presence on the search engines, campaigns, reviews, and ratings which brings in more and more customer traffic on the website; ultimately leading to revenue generation for the concerned business.

Social Media Marketing – The How and Why of it!

Today Social media is something that every human being on this planet is familiar with! Why?

Because we cannot be at two places at one time, nor do we have the time to go and connect with people living in the other part of the world. But that’s not an excuse for restriction in business right?

Social media provides the ideal platform for the promotion of the listed products and services provided by a business with a personal touch! It targets customers who are extremely active on social media while it creates awareness for the brand for the rest. The social presence helps in brand building and expansion in consumerism through the networking of the individuals.

Promotions on YouTube, Pages on Facebook, posts on Instagram and Twitter are excellent ways to not only retain the old customers but also attract new ones.

So Why Go Online?

It's not that offline business was bad or didn’t have a customer base, but it is just that online is far more convenient. Especially in a situation like the pandemic, when one cannot go outdoors at all, where is the possibility of interaction with the customers?

So does one lose his customers just because it’s a pandemic?

No. Not at all. It's just the channel of business that has to change. With more advertisements and promotions, offers, sales etc. through digital media, not only will the business retain its old consumerism but also add new customers. The business will grow all the more with more revenue!


Retaining old customers is a major concern during the revival of business post the pandemic. The platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. – once start-ups and now some of the largest eCommerce sites- were active in business due to their foresightedness in providing the over edge services and benefits even during a pandemic situation.

Trust goes a long way in retaining consumer ship – whether with a brand or a business.

Although a business always is profit-centric from the seller’s point of view; however, a business can thrive only if it has a good consumer base. And this consumer base can be retained and expanded only by keeping in terms with the trust of the consumers through the digital platform.


Hence, concluding the discussion on revival of business post the Covid situation - the answer is simple and easy to fulfill. The seller just needs to utilize the digital platform backed with AI technology to create a virtual marketplace for their products and services online, if the customers cannot come to the shop or the marketplace. They can utilize digital marketing and the power of social media apps for promotions of their brand with exclusive offers - discounts, cashback, promo codes, subscriptions, etc on the sales and purchases. The main aim for the revival of business should not be just profit-centric but also retaining old customers and adding new ones by honoring their trust with satisfaction – 10 happy customers today can lead to a million happy customers tomorrow!

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Bookaholics - A Breed Apart !


Neel was at a huge mall strolling, with his at-present girlfriend Ghazal, trying to choose a present for his birthday! While Ghazal went from one trendiest men’s store to another in terms of shoes, jerseys, glares, etc. Nothing appealed to Neel, he was as lost as ever!

On the 3 rd floor of the mall, while browsing such a multibrand store, he stumbled upon the Books section! For a minute Ghazal thought he got a seizure or something! Neel just leaped with joy! It was like a child who had got his Christmas gift before Christmas! Why though? Because Neel is a compulsive voracious reader. Having said that, it’s not that he doesn’t have an interest in the other objects for men…. But books are very game altogether! In an era when men are more into virtual games and entertainment, Neel is still what we call ‘old-fashioned’

Neel is a bookaholic!

Bookaholic – decode the meaning:

Rhetorically speaking, Bookaholics are a special species of homo sapiens across all races and countries who find their solace, happiness, and extreme joy in books; in other words, books are their paradise. The whole world on one side and their own world of fiction or philosophy; romance or thriller – is on the other!

So what makes a reader a Bookaholic?

It’s a very common question. I am also a reader, then why are you not calling me a bookaholic? It’s very simple! Some read for learning, some read for exploring, some read for passion, some as a hobby, and some as a burden! But a bookaholic…… he cannot survive without books! For him, books are the elixir of life! Not only does he love reading…. But he loves a book by sight, by smell, by print – just staying in their presence gives him a thrill! Just like alcoholics are addicted to alcohol…… bookaholics are addicted to books!

So what makes the Bookaholics addicted to books?

Bookaholics basically have a passion not just for the book but for the story, plot, characters….. How? Now, when a normal reader reads a book….. First, he buys the book and gets it from the shop and just keeps it!

Traits of a bookaholic!

A bookaholic reads the prologue…. the epilogue and then the summary…… then he ruffles the book, lets the scent of the freshly printed pages settle on him, and then when he has gotten the goosebumps…. He goes and gets it billed. If it’s a part of the series, a bookaholic is ready to compromise on his other expenses, but he will definitely buy the full series. For a bookaholic… books are an investment! It’s his pride! Just like stamp collectors collect stamps and take huge pride in their collection…. Similarly, a bookaholic takes immense pride and satisfaction in his collection of books! As per a general survey for reading, Bookaholics, generally hate audiobooks or e-books… not because they are not tech-savvy. But because they miss the art of actually holding the book and feeling it!

Bookaholics -One of its kind!

For bookaholics, the story between the prologue and epilogue is not just a tale….. it’s an adventure! Just like for movie buffs popcorn and pizza are the accessories which make movies an enjoyable experience for them, similarly, for bookaholics, all they need is a space …. Their personal space; the book and peace! Some use music also to find their peace…..as per their need! Once a bookaholic starts reading…. It’s not a matter of minutes or hours….. He will get up only when he has finished the adventure a.k.a the story!

What really sets bookaholics apart is the fact that after reading, he still stays lost in the story–

Either contemplating his life as one of the characters or imagining how it would be different! Another unique feature about bookaholics is, although all readers let their imaginations run wild, the bookaholics, become the characters and try to find their story in the one that they are reading – they retrospect and reflect; introspect and act on it! As nerdy as it sounds, but the weirdest thing about a bookaholic is that he will never buy a second-hand book or sell his own copy – he finds it very disrespectful towards the story and its creator! The connection between the reader and his book is an ethereal one!

The Ying and Yang of Bookaholics!

While some bookaholics take to books positively some take to it negatively as well! This is a very serious disadvantage! Some become so addicted to reading and the stories; that they think and try to impersonate the characters of the stories in their daily lives. They develop alter egos and lose the difference between reality and the fictional story! This leads to some serious psychological damages, and influences crimes as well, at times! As far as kids are concerned, when they become bookaholics at such a tender age, they try to behave like the characters they read…..Now for them, Spiderman can jump from one building to another! But in reality, it is not possible! And an attempt to do so might prove fatal! Some youth read about hardcore fictional murder mysteries and try to incorporate the same in their own lives and become sociopaths. They say loners are bookaholics…..! Not all are born lonely! Some have loneliness thrust on them. Some people are born as a single child into families which have a lot of disturbed and strangled relations, then there are issues like over expectations from parents, peer pressure, extremely high expectations from parents and relatives….. Which pushes them towards being and staying alone!

That’s when they find their peaceful refuge in books!


Bookaholics find their story in every story! Not only do they love the plot, but they love the whole aura of the book. The book is a playground for their emotions….. They smile, infuriate, and cry in the story! The plot of the story becomes the reality of their lives! Sometimes they shape their lives and their decisions as per the characters and stories they read and relate with! I am one of them! So to all my fellow bookaholics……Read and enjoy what you read thoroughly! But Instead of using reading negatively, use it as positively as possible!

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Books vs Google !!!


Today while I was dusting the bookshelves I found the moth-eaten remains of a few pages from the BRITANNICA dated 3 decades ago. I stood and went back to THAT era till my maid nudged me with the broom and jolted me out of my reverence. Once I finished the household chores, I sat down with the tattered Britannica to paste the pages back into it!

I am a 30 plus lady of today, so around 2 decades back when I was in school, studying, I had to make projects for her school assessment.

Was it different?

Yes …. Very!

So what was so different?

The fact that in those days google was not a feature in every home! In fact, a desktop computer was a thing of fashion! So how did I study? Books! Yes. Books came to the rescue

Books: The Paradise for Readers

Till 1999 things were very different! Kids used to be immersed in books 24x7. Not because they were bookworms, but because the only source of knowledge was either books or applied knowledge from the books. As much as this method might sound outdated and boring today, but in those times, this was the only way of learning! Yes, there wasn’t technology or digitization, but the best part was, the imaginations could run wild! The books of those times –The Famous Five, Secret seven, etc, were in vogue! To us, books opened the world which we could never have in reality! It took us to a different land or helped us to transform into different characters.

The Transition from Books to Google

Today what we come across as a digital library used to be an actual library, with chairs where one could be seated for hours and remain lost in the pool of knowledge or a story of his choice! Nowadays we have digital platforms like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc, where we can choose, change, shape, or enhance our surroundings virtually. No matter how cool it looks, but it leaves very little scope for the imagination! With the turn of the millennium, computers and technology became very progressive. Suddenly, there was something new called the World Wide Web, Internet, and Google! While the internet was the first one to make its entry in 1983, the next came the World Wide Web is in 1989 and finally came to Google in 1998. As googly as It looked…. It changed the whole world! It literally took over all platforms in every sphere of life! In 10years, by 2010, we could not imagine a life without the internet anymore. Publications across the world suffered a huge setback as suddenly the digital books replaced the actual books. Suddenly we were reading on Kindle and listening to audiobooks.

So what’s the difference you may ask;

Now, first of all, both are very different as platforms! Books are on a particular topic or person or place or trait etc.! It objectifies the subject! So you can get the knowledge of one particular domain at one particular time in a book. Google is a search engine! So you can know about anything and everything on the platform. So it is like the modern-day Encyclopaedia.

Vedas – The Indianised Google

Specifically in India, we have ledgers of knowledge in the form of Vedas! The ultimate source of knowledge…… which provides quite a challenge to Google. Today for a simple home remedy for diabetes, we google it! But, if we refer to the Vedas, we will find the same remedy over there! But the point is…. Who will do the searching…. The more important question is…. Where is the TIME to do that searching?

Advantages of Google

So the major advantage that Google has over books is that it is FAST and less time-consuming! Secondly, it has information on everything from everywhere anytime! So does that lower the value of books?


What gives books an edge?

Books have a very special place. At least for the earlier generations! For some, like me, having a good collection of books is a matter of pride! That smell of the new print, that feel of the crisp new pages……..Google can never replace that! The signed first edition by the authors…… is a huge sense of accomplishment in itself! Books motivate the readers to think, reflect on learning the art of communication with a good vocabulary. With Google, it has handicapped the word building spoken skills very adversely. Although a whole lot of activities are available online today, the fun of making a model for a project, individually or in a group is beyond compare! War of Books vs. Google The argument between books vs. Google can never be settled because it is primarily focused on perspective, which is again based on an individual’s exposure! Today’s generation will never know the value or relevance of books…..so much because they are born and growing up in such an age where they have quick, and accurate technology of Google at their fingertips! On the other hand, the generation of yesteryear will never be comfortable with the technology, because, for them, it’s not authentic; a book is more appealing!


To say that Google’s information is always right or wrong is not right! After all, it is a search engine that searches to the best of the ability… but the source form which it is picking up the result if they are not authentic then can we blame Google? Even books or newspapers sometimes publish things by mistake… and then print a retraction! So the slightest of doubt will always remain whether it’s a book or even if it's Google!

Hence we can conclude by saying that, in the battle of books vs. google, there is no one superior to the other. Both have their own armies of benefits and their own small colonies of flaws! It’s a draw! Happy Reading Guys….. books or on Google…..! ;)

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Know Your Needs, Before You Shop Online !!!


To buy everything or anything we are surrounded by a million options. Whether it is for the most basic commodity or a little extra expenditure here and there. Before purchasing anything we look around to find the best option available.

For example, when we go to a vegetable or a fruit market we don't just go to any vendor and buy the preferable vegetable or fruit but we look around, to compare the quality of the vegetable or fruit and negotiate the prices and then we buy the best one we want. Similarly, in any category of buying and selling the same process is followed. With the advancement of everything with the help of science and technology, we have everything around us to make our life easy in every possible way we can imagine or we can say Every Thing is Available on Our Finger Tip.

Now, we do not have to go out in the scorching heat or chilled weather to buy clothes, we do not have to make plans to go out especially for dinner, lunch, or breakfast. Going around contacting several traveling agencies for the tickets and hotel reservations for family trips or vacations is at a pause. Development of IT, software and most importantly the use of the internet by every individual has completely changed the scenario. People in our country and especially the youth are very keen to know the technological developments & updates.

Like the other sectors, the education system has grown well after that. The students, in any grade, are learning much more than what was being taught to them earlier through books. But after all this, the need for books is growing among children in schools, colleges, and public libraries. Students or Novel lovers go behind buying books so eagerly whether it is just a textbook or a book for any competitive exam or a novel, they try to get it from anywhere possible either from the book stores or from the online stores. Some of the basic keywords which are used to look for new books, used or second-hand books are generally like, old books, book stores on the web, buy books online, old books near me, buy books online cheap, buy books online India, where to buy old books, etc.These keywords help to get the options in order to get the best out of the search results. On the other, be it a buyer online or a customer who prefers going to the market rather than surfing on the web, both should be clear because before we go to anything anywhere, one should always have a basic idea for a specific type or a particular thing he or she might be looking for. 

In the market, the stores have a variety related to books, clothes, utensils, and other commodities. For instance, for clothes, some garment shops only have men's wear whereas some has only ladies wear, the same way for books, some book stores only deal with school books till maybe 12th standard, some for various competitive exams and some only novels, storybooks and other books like record books, facts books, and general knowledge books. All these categories have provided an easy way for the buyers to get the best possible option as per their preference. In the same way, online book stores also work to provide customers, what they want. Here you just have to know what exact category you are looking for, which may be second-hand books or old cheap books or new books.

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Old Books: They Help A Lot & They Are Useful for Everyone.


It is never a surprising thing when we think about using old and used books. From a particular age, every individual in school, college, or an aspirant for the competitive exam has considered borrowing books from the seniors. Back in our minds, there is always this idea that used and old books are a better option than newly purchased books as the new ones require an investment of money whereas in many cases borrowing old books comes in handy.

As the economic conditions of any country worldwide is fluctuating but in return of that the prices of each and everything is rising, normal necessities to book of any standard in schools or for any competitive exam as well. Apart from that we also know that earlier, there were a limited number of authors and publication houses who were responsible for printing some amazingly written words by famous authors like William Shakespeare, Stephen King, and JK Rowling.

Nowadays, the markets are getting flooded with thousands and millions of books. For a single exam there are hundreds of books or even more for the students to choose from. Many students get confused with their choices of buying books for a respective exam. Generally for every purpose now there is a book be it cooking, knitting, sleeping, traveling, etc. Apart from the fact that a huge population worldwide has huge dependability on books now but every hour and every second the prices of not only books but every single commodity for existence is rising.

The term Global Welfare has so drastically taken over human existence that each and everything that has coexisted till now has taken over a grasp over daily living. People get the knowledge that has no possible boundaries from a book. We tend to do research, findings, and a whole lot of work from a single book. People who are capable enough can get anything that they desire while for some people even a 300-page book is hard to get. There are several options that have come up for everybody to get what they like but there is always a difference in price and quality.

In the market, there are a whole lot of options people choose from to get anything that they desire. In the case of books also there are bookstores or individual markets that deal especially in selling books, and also stationery that keeps specific types of books. Apart from all these places to get books from there are also other existing options like buying second-hand books from a store or online.

The chaotic hold of people in the technological world is providing a lot of options and facilities but it is also a guilty pleasure that nobody wants to quit. Where finding anything and everything is becoming such a convenient job, books are also easily adjustable in that. Like shopping for clothes, accessories, furniture, and also food, people can simply choose to go online and look for new books or used books anywhere they desire. There is an abundance of choices to look around to. Used and old books are preferable as for a middle-class family those books come at a cheaper rate. They save a lot of paper as well which provides a good cause for society and the environment. A large number of students that are in college or school prefer buying old and used books rather than the new ones as they think the old and used books are comparatively easy to study from rather than the new ones. Students every year in school and colleges pass on their used books to their juniors and then they carry it forward with their juniors. The students studying for various competitive exams also do this by borrowing books to study for their preparation. Many agree very strongly that these books help them study and prepare better by looking through old notes rather than the newly purchased books. Some also prefer selling the used books to the stores that sell second-hand books.

Being a source of help to others for anything be it food, shelter, clothes or education is a great thing to practice.

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Best way To Save or Earn Money Online.


Saving money is a tough thing to do. When we think of saving money it might seem like a cup of tea. Easy ideas pop-up in our mind, how difficult it might be, and just a few cut-offs from daily expenses and that is how easy it is to save money.

But cutting those little spending from daily expenses might be difficult for a lot of people as many have a tight budget and many people do not get enough pocket-friendly budget to spend. Earning independently also comes with a lot of responsibilities, paying for rent, food, personal expenses, and other miscellaneous things are a big part of a budget for a bachelor who is staying away from his/her family or a family man with a steady job to hold on to. This is why saving money every now and then can be a little difficult.

People who manage to do this sometimes live on very limited resources and also sacrifice their hobbies, social activities, outings, etc. The major part of society that suffers from this problem of not being able to save money is staying away from their families in hostels, PGs, and flats. These students get a limited amount of money as their monthly pocket money, some manage to save a little every month whereas, some get short of the money they get every month. Many choose to work part-time and earn and save their money whereas many seem to not have that choice.

Being a student and staying away from my family, I (myself) fall in that category. I get fixed pocket money from my family excluding the extra money that we get being in the Indian culture. Trying to cut expenses in a lot of miscellaneous things apart from staying in a hostel, saving money has always been a difficult thing to do. Even though after trying and saving somehow, in the end, you tend to spend even that.

Students and especially bachelors look for, a lot of options on the web in order to earn extra money where there are frauds and scammers. On bookourbooks.com I saw a simple way for people to earn money from their own used books. By giving away these used books you will get your fair share and you also help someone.

Let me explain how. Being a student, you can simply sell your old/used books online for cash. It might seem difficult while thinking about how to sell old books online. It's pretty easy. On this website, you can easily sign up and let other users know that you want to sell for cash. Bookourbooks.com simplifies your work in a few steps and lets you earn cash from your old and used books. Simply, just use your own resources.

Sell books online for cash or buy old books online to save money. Bookourbooks.com not only provides you a platform to sell books online but it also provides you a platform for purchasing books online from other readers. In a nutshell, we can say Readers meet Readers here. Instead of looking around and wasting valuable time that each one of us has, why not simply take advantage of our hobbies and our own resources around us to save some money for ourselves and help others and ourselves. 

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How & Where to Sell My Old Books ???


People choose to buy books and read them as their hobbies and sometimes to silence the chaos in their minds. Finding the right store to lay your hands into for your favorite book which could be a thriller, a comic, a novel or a textbook may seem easy but it is tough-to-do. Buying the correct book exactly according to your preference requires a lot of research.Any individual before purchasing a book looks for a lot of factors inside a book as there are a lot of expectations from a book and an author as well.

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a particular book that you might be looking for, it might be just a novel or a simple textbook for one of your exams. What do you do then? Where can you preferably think of going?

Well, there are several options to choose from if you are still unaware of them. The answer is you go online and buy the book you want with just a few clicks. Through this new idea, you don’t just get your book you can also help others in getting their books to buy by sharing your old and used books with them which you no longer need. As technology takes a new step each day, along with it comes several new ideas that are meant to ease the human effort in almost every aspect of life. For example: shopping, food, lifestyle, etc. In this upcoming idea ‘books' can also be included.

Apart from the stationary and the bookstores that we see in the market, there are various online platforms that run with the idea of, how to sell/ buy books online? The idea might seem like a complicated and confusing one but it is as easy as shopping online or ordering some mouthwatering food for dinner. On BookOurBooks.com, we manage to help you sell/buy books online in simple steps without any hard time on the internet.

You follow a few steps:

Go on the website and register yourself with a few details and after you register yourself you can feed in the details about your book which you want to sell and thereafter, your ad goes for approval to the team.

As soon as your ad is approved by the team, it is then visible to the people visiting the site to buy books online.

Through this ad, people can contact you with chat messages which will be directly received in your inbox. You can then contact the buyer, negotiate and close the deal accordingly. Apart from this, we are also trying into building a platform through our website which will be a helping hand for offline book stores in the market for taking their business online. Through the help of our website, they can easily expand their business online by adding up their store with us and letting the range of all the books get displayed on the website.

This can be a great opportunity for the store owners to strengthen their customer count as well as a way to stay connected to its customers in a better way. Regular customers of any book store in a market can connect to them via our website and have their favorite book delivered to them anytime. Questions from readers like, “ how to sell books online? or how do I sell my books online? ” is becoming easy to answer with the help of advanced technology.

As the world is going through a very difficult time, businesses are shutting, people around the world are losing their lives, many have no shelter, the economy of the countries around the world is decreasing at a fast rate which is highly impacting the employment rate as well. People around the world are not left with a lot of options. Here on BookOurBooks.com, we took this time to come forward with a little initiative where we are trying to do something good for the people. We want people to find peace in little things they do which somewhere also includes ‘reading a book’, we want to be an idea of help for you and in return we want you to share your thoughts and ideas with us and help us to take this idea ahead with small steps.

Happy reading!

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