How & Where to Sell My Old Books ???


People choose to buy books and read them as their hobbies and sometimes to silence the chaos in their minds. Finding the right store to lay your hands into for your favorite book which could be a thriller, a comic, a novel or a textbook may seem easy but it is tough-to-do. Buying the correct book exactly according to your preference requires a lot of research.Any individual before purchasing a book looks for a lot of factors inside a book as there are a lot of expectations from a book and an author as well.

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a particular book that you might be looking for, it might be just a novel or a simple textbook for one of your exams. What do you do then? Where can you preferably think of going?

Well, there are several options to choose from if you are still unaware of them. The answer is you go online and buy the book you want with just a few clicks. Through this new idea, you don’t just get your book you can also help others in getting their books to buy by sharing your old and used books with them which you no longer need. As technology takes a new step each day, along with it comes several new ideas that are meant to ease the human effort in almost every aspect of life. For example: shopping, food, lifestyle, etc. In this upcoming idea ‘books' can also be included.

Apart from the stationary and the bookstores that we see in the market, there are various online platforms that run with the idea of, how to sell/ buy books online? The idea might seem like a complicated and confusing one but it is as easy as shopping online or ordering some mouthwatering food for dinner. On, we manage to help you sell/buy books online in simple steps without any hard time on the internet.

You follow a few steps:

Go on the website and register yourself with a few details and after you register yourself you can feed in the details about your book which you want to sell and thereafter, your ad goes for approval to the team.

As soon as your ad is approved by the team, it is then visible to the people visiting the site to buy books online.

Through this ad, people can contact you with chat messages which will be directly received in your inbox. You can then contact the buyer, negotiate and close the deal accordingly. Apart from this, we are also trying into building a platform through our website which will be a helping hand for offline book stores in the market for taking their business online. Through the help of our website, they can easily expand their business online by adding up their store with us and letting the range of all the books get displayed on the website.

This can be a great opportunity for the store owners to strengthen their customer count as well as a way to stay connected to its customers in a better way. Regular customers of any book store in a market can connect to them via our website and have their favorite book delivered to them anytime. Questions from readers like, “ how to sell books online? or how do I sell my books online? ” is becoming easy to answer with the help of advanced technology.

As the world is going through a very difficult time, businesses are shutting, people around the world are losing their lives, many have no shelter, the economy of the countries around the world is decreasing at a fast rate which is highly impacting the employment rate as well. People around the world are not left with a lot of options. Here on, we took this time to come forward with a little initiative where we are trying to do something good for the people. We want people to find peace in little things they do which somewhere also includes ‘reading a book’, we want to be an idea of help for you and in return we want you to share your thoughts and ideas with us and help us to take this idea ahead with small steps.

Happy reading!