Old Books: They Help A Lot & They Are Useful for Everyone.


It is never a surprising thing when we think about using old and used books. From a particular age, every individual in school, college, or an aspirant for the competitive exam has considered borrowing books from the seniors. Back in our minds, there is always this idea that used and old books are a better option than newly purchased books as the new ones require an investment of money whereas in many cases borrowing old books comes in handy.

As the economic conditions of any country worldwide is fluctuating but in return of that the prices of each and everything is rising, normal necessities to book of any standard in schools or for any competitive exam as well. Apart from that we also know that earlier, there were a limited number of authors and publication houses who were responsible for printing some amazingly written words by famous authors like William Shakespeare, Stephen King, and JK Rowling.

Nowadays, the markets are getting flooded with thousands and millions of books. For a single exam there are hundreds of books or even more for the students to choose from. Many students get confused with their choices of buying books for a respective exam. Generally for every purpose now there is a book be it cooking, knitting, sleeping, traveling, etc. Apart from the fact that a huge population worldwide has huge dependability on books now but every hour and every second the prices of not only books but every single commodity for existence is rising.

The term Global Welfare has so drastically taken over human existence that each and everything that has coexisted till now has taken over a grasp over daily living. People get the knowledge that has no possible boundaries from a book. We tend to do research, findings, and a whole lot of work from a single book. People who are capable enough can get anything that they desire while for some people even a 300-page book is hard to get. There are several options that have come up for everybody to get what they like but there is always a difference in price and quality.

In the market, there are a whole lot of options people choose from to get anything that they desire. In the case of books also there are bookstores or individual markets that deal especially in selling books, and also stationery that keeps specific types of books. Apart from all these places to get books from there are also other existing options like buying second-hand books from a store or online.

The chaotic hold of people in the technological world is providing a lot of options and facilities but it is also a guilty pleasure that nobody wants to quit. Where finding anything and everything is becoming such a convenient job, books are also easily adjustable in that. Like shopping for clothes, accessories, furniture, and also food, people can simply choose to go online and look for new books or used books anywhere they desire. There is an abundance of choices to look around to. Used and old books are preferable as for a middle-class family those books come at a cheaper rate. They save a lot of paper as well which provides a good cause for society and the environment. A large number of students that are in college or school prefer buying old and used books rather than the new ones as they think the old and used books are comparatively easy to study from rather than the new ones. Students every year in school and colleges pass on their used books to their juniors and then they carry it forward with their juniors. The students studying for various competitive exams also do this by borrowing books to study for their preparation. Many agree very strongly that these books help them study and prepare better by looking through old notes rather than the newly purchased books. Some also prefer selling the used books to the stores that sell second-hand books.

Being a source of help to others for anything be it food, shelter, clothes or education is a great thing to practice.