Bookaholics - A Breed Apart !


Neel was at a huge mall strolling, with his at-present girlfriend Ghazal, trying to choose a present for his birthday! While Ghazal went from one trendiest men’s store to another in terms of shoes, jerseys, glares, etc. Nothing appealed to Neel, he was as lost as ever!

On the 3 rd floor of the mall, while browsing such a multibrand store, he stumbled upon the Books section! For a minute Ghazal thought he got a seizure or something! Neel just leaped with joy! It was like a child who had got his Christmas gift before Christmas! Why though? Because Neel is a compulsive voracious reader. Having said that, it’s not that he doesn’t have an interest in the other objects for men…. But books are very game altogether! In an era when men are more into virtual games and entertainment, Neel is still what we call ‘old-fashioned’

Neel is a bookaholic!

Bookaholic – decode the meaning:

Rhetorically speaking, Bookaholics are a special species of homo sapiens across all races and countries who find their solace, happiness, and extreme joy in books; in other words, books are their paradise. The whole world on one side and their own world of fiction or philosophy; romance or thriller – is on the other!

So what makes a reader a Bookaholic?

It’s a very common question. I am also a reader, then why are you not calling me a bookaholic? It’s very simple! Some read for learning, some read for exploring, some read for passion, some as a hobby, and some as a burden! But a bookaholic…… he cannot survive without books! For him, books are the elixir of life! Not only does he love reading…. But he loves a book by sight, by smell, by print – just staying in their presence gives him a thrill! Just like alcoholics are addicted to alcohol…… bookaholics are addicted to books!

So what makes the Bookaholics addicted to books?

Bookaholics basically have a passion not just for the book but for the story, plot, characters….. How? Now, when a normal reader reads a book….. First, he buys the book and gets it from the shop and just keeps it!

Traits of a bookaholic!

A bookaholic reads the prologue…. the epilogue and then the summary…… then he ruffles the book, lets the scent of the freshly printed pages settle on him, and then when he has gotten the goosebumps…. He goes and gets it billed. If it’s a part of the series, a bookaholic is ready to compromise on his other expenses, but he will definitely buy the full series. For a bookaholic… books are an investment! It’s his pride! Just like stamp collectors collect stamps and take huge pride in their collection…. Similarly, a bookaholic takes immense pride and satisfaction in his collection of books! As per a general survey for reading, Bookaholics, generally hate audiobooks or e-books… not because they are not tech-savvy. But because they miss the art of actually holding the book and feeling it!

Bookaholics -One of its kind!

For bookaholics, the story between the prologue and epilogue is not just a tale….. it’s an adventure! Just like for movie buffs popcorn and pizza are the accessories which make movies an enjoyable experience for them, similarly, for bookaholics, all they need is a space …. Their personal space; the book and peace! Some use music also to find their peace… per their need! Once a bookaholic starts reading…. It’s not a matter of minutes or hours….. He will get up only when he has finished the adventure a.k.a the story!

What really sets bookaholics apart is the fact that after reading, he still stays lost in the story–

Either contemplating his life as one of the characters or imagining how it would be different! Another unique feature about bookaholics is, although all readers let their imaginations run wild, the bookaholics, become the characters and try to find their story in the one that they are reading – they retrospect and reflect; introspect and act on it! As nerdy as it sounds, but the weirdest thing about a bookaholic is that he will never buy a second-hand book or sell his own copy – he finds it very disrespectful towards the story and its creator! The connection between the reader and his book is an ethereal one!

The Ying and Yang of Bookaholics!

While some bookaholics take to books positively some take to it negatively as well! This is a very serious disadvantage! Some become so addicted to reading and the stories; that they think and try to impersonate the characters of the stories in their daily lives. They develop alter egos and lose the difference between reality and the fictional story! This leads to some serious psychological damages, and influences crimes as well, at times! As far as kids are concerned, when they become bookaholics at such a tender age, they try to behave like the characters they read…..Now for them, Spiderman can jump from one building to another! But in reality, it is not possible! And an attempt to do so might prove fatal! Some youth read about hardcore fictional murder mysteries and try to incorporate the same in their own lives and become sociopaths. They say loners are bookaholics…..! Not all are born lonely! Some have loneliness thrust on them. Some people are born as a single child into families which have a lot of disturbed and strangled relations, then there are issues like over expectations from parents, peer pressure, extremely high expectations from parents and relatives….. Which pushes them towards being and staying alone!

That’s when they find their peaceful refuge in books!


Bookaholics find their story in every story! Not only do they love the plot, but they love the whole aura of the book. The book is a playground for their emotions….. They smile, infuriate, and cry in the story! The plot of the story becomes the reality of their lives! Sometimes they shape their lives and their decisions as per the characters and stories they read and relate with! I am one of them! So to all my fellow bookaholics……Read and enjoy what you read thoroughly! But Instead of using reading negatively, use it as positively as possible!