How to Revive Business After Covid Pandemic?


How To Revive Business After Covid Pandemic?

✓ A great business is that, which runs with not just hard work, but with smart brains!

✓ And a Good Business keeps growing even in trying times!

There is no denying the fact that the world is a changed place after the Covid pandemic situation. Although it was anticipated, that we can lead our lives normally by the end of 2020, however, it did not leave us, and even today as in May 2021, we are still amidst a global crisis with lockdowns and curfews everywhere.

In every economy and market, business gets affected the most and consequently affects the livelihoods of millions of people. With the adverse effects like recession, layoffs, and pay cuts, life is miserable indeed!

The Woes of a Business Owner:

So the basic question for a business owner is-

• How do I revive my business after such a huge impact due to no fault of mine?

• After all neither did I cause, nor did I spread the virus????

It’s a downright punishment for the businessmen in these trying times.

But, the best part is, as humans we can think inspect and rationalize!

Yes, the Covid and the pandemic have affected us all! But it has not and it will not defeat us until we allow it to defeat us!

How to revive business after the Covid pandemic situation?

The best thing about the pandemic is that it has taught us not only the importance but also the completeness of technology! It has digitized us to such an extent that today, even kids are fully aware of the applications along with its backbone - the internet and AI technology!

Solutions for Revival of Business post-Covid Pandemic:

Digital Marketing – The most ideal Solution

Five years back the concept of digital marketing was not known to many; since it was in its growing phase – business was more profound in person than digital. But thanks to the pandemic, now every business owner can have the business not only recognized but also generate revenue through digital marketing. Regeneration of revenue is the main target in this post-pandemic situation and a challenge in itself!

What makes digital marketing ideal for the revival of business post the pandemic is, that it provides a business-to-customer direct link – hassle-free! Believe it or not, the pandemic has made the customer tech-savvy – whether a 6-year-old or a 60-year-old – everyone is aware of the internet and the brands on it!

Another major benefit is the fact that through digital marketing, the business gets online recognition and a brand establishment through its presence on the search engines, campaigns, reviews, and ratings which brings in more and more customer traffic on the website; ultimately leading to revenue generation for the concerned business.

Social Media Marketing – The How and Why of it!

Today Social media is something that every human being on this planet is familiar with! Why?

Because we cannot be at two places at one time, nor do we have the time to go and connect with people living in the other part of the world. But that’s not an excuse for restriction in business right?

Social media provides the ideal platform for the promotion of the listed products and services provided by a business with a personal touch! It targets customers who are extremely active on social media while it creates awareness for the brand for the rest. The social presence helps in brand building and expansion in consumerism through the networking of the individuals.

Promotions on YouTube, Pages on Facebook, posts on Instagram and Twitter are excellent ways to not only retain the old customers but also attract new ones.

So Why Go Online?

It's not that offline business was bad or didn’t have a customer base, but it is just that online is far more convenient. Especially in a situation like the pandemic, when one cannot go outdoors at all, where is the possibility of interaction with the customers?

So does one lose his customers just because it’s a pandemic?

No. Not at all. It's just the channel of business that has to change. With more advertisements and promotions, offers, sales etc. through digital media, not only will the business retain its old consumerism but also add new customers. The business will grow all the more with more revenue!


Retaining old customers is a major concern during the revival of business post the pandemic. The platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. – once start-ups and now some of the largest eCommerce sites- were active in business due to their foresightedness in providing the over edge services and benefits even during a pandemic situation.

Trust goes a long way in retaining consumer ship – whether with a brand or a business.

Although a business always is profit-centric from the seller’s point of view; however, a business can thrive only if it has a good consumer base. And this consumer base can be retained and expanded only by keeping in terms with the trust of the consumers through the digital platform.


Hence, concluding the discussion on revival of business post the Covid situation - the answer is simple and easy to fulfill. The seller just needs to utilize the digital platform backed with AI technology to create a virtual marketplace for their products and services online, if the customers cannot come to the shop or the marketplace. They can utilize digital marketing and the power of social media apps for promotions of their brand with exclusive offers - discounts, cashback, promo codes, subscriptions, etc on the sales and purchases. The main aim for the revival of business should not be just profit-centric but also retaining old customers and adding new ones by honoring their trust with satisfaction – 10 happy customers today can lead to a million happy customers tomorrow!